WEATHER# An Online Multimedia Opera on Climate Change
by Elizabeth Swados

WEATHER was composed by Elizabeth Swados on the text of Filippo Consales, with the objective  of raising awareness on the issues of climate change and the human impact on the natural world

The original oratorio was presented onstage at Teatro Romano in Spoleto, Italy’s Festival Dei Due Mondi 2014. 

Today, original collaborators Associazione Bisse and La Mama Umbria International, as well as the City of Spoleto, together with international partners La Mama ETC, CultureHub NY, Seoul Institute of the Arts, and CultureHub Europe are working together to bring you WEATHER#, Swados’s oratorio re-imagined as a multimedia odyssey online, where audience is invited to experience the music through 12 unique VR environments, uncovering the stories, as well as delving into the scientific or cultural references discussed by the music.

The project co-involves the efforts of artists in Europe, France, United Kingdom, United States, Korea and Mexico. 



On January 30th, enter an odyssey online.
In 2014, Elizabeth Swadoswas interviewed about why she chose to make a musical work dedicated to climate awareness, and why she chose to embark on that journey with musical director and arranger Claudio Scarabottini, Associazione Bisse and La MaMa Umbria. Her words were, and are, as inspiring as they are prescient.


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