Multimedia Opera on Climate Change
composed by: Elizabeth Swados

Weather was composed by Elizabeth Swados on the text of Filippo Consales, with the objective of raising awareness on the issues of climate change and the human impact on the natural world. The original oratorio was presented onstage at Teatro Romano in Spoleto, Italy’s Festival Dei Due Mondi 2014

After 6 years, in 2020 original collaborators Associazione Bisse and La Mama Umbria International, as well as the City of Spoleto, together with international partners La Mama ETCCultureHub, Seoul Institute of the Arts, Arium, and VRTY are working together to bring you WEATHER#, Swados’s oratorio re-imagined as a multimedia odyssey online, where audience is invited to experience the music through 11 unique VR environments, while immersing themselves in the scientific or cultural references discussed by the music.The project co-involves the efforts of artists in Europe, France, United Kingdom, United States, Korea, Mexico, and more.

Composer :  Elizabeth Swados
Lyrics :  Filippo Consales
Director and video concept:  Jared McNeill
Music director, arrangements:   Claudio Scarabottini
Production support:    Rosalind Lichter
Music supervisor:  Kris Kukul
Artistic supervision:  Andrea Paciotto
Translations:  Andrea Sensidoni
Production :   Associazione BISSE/La MaMa Umbria International
Production manager:   Adriana Garbagnati

Musicians:   Hong Gie Kim, Drums  
Claudio Scarabottini , Keyboard 
Francesco Savoretti, Percussion
Heather Paauwe, Violin
Paolo Rosichetti, Bass
Yukio Tsuji, Shakuachi, Kayagum, Percussion 
Gionni Di Clemente, Guitar, Oud, Bouzuky

Singers :  Bassey Ebong, Cary Gant, Tareke Ortiz, Grace Mc Lean,   Anissa Gouizi, Eliza Shaddad, Sara Galassini,  Viviana Sigismondi, Yesul Kim, Michela Musco, Bisse Choir 
with: Dara Orland, Rachael Duddy, Preston Martin, Tom Hennnes

Online virtual platform:  CultureHub/Seoul Institute of the Arts (KR)/Arium/ VRTY (AUS) Visual and graphic Design:  Han DongHwi / Sora Kang
Graphic Design:  Da Gyeong Hong
3D Model:  Ah Reum Won
Arium Interactive Space Developer:  Aidan Nelson, Dan Oved 
Interactive Telecommunications:  Aidan Nelson, Arium

Director of Photography:    Andrea Parente
Original Animations:   Naama Zarfaty (The Giant and the Mermaid) Ronni Shalev (The Hourglass)

Sustainability certification and environmental communication:  Federica Andreini, Andrea Duranti, Massimiliano Mariani, Andrea Sillani

Recording studio:   S&M Studio 
Sound Engineer: Paolo Chiari
Sound designer:  Elio Germani
Music Label & Distribution:  Ars Spoletium
Social Media marketing:  Mattie Barber-Bockelman, Scarlett Kim
Tecnhnicians :   Paolo Pannaccio , Direttore 
Stefano Camerieri, Elisa Capocci


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