Global players 2017

The melody from the shoreline

5 luglio 2017 CANTIERE OBERDAN  h.21.30

After losing her husband, a woman devotes everything to her baby. But the woman needs to go working by the shore and has no other choice but to leave the baby at home. While working her mind is always preoccupied with the baby left alone at home. She struggles against the waves and thinks of her baby: what if someone sneaks in and steals the baby? What if she hurts herself while crawling around? What if she’s crying out of hunger? What if she’s terrified being alone? Thousands questions unfold in the woman’s head, driving her crazy. After work the woman hurries back home and finds the baby peacefully asleep. She gently holds her baby. She feels relieved and grateful to the gods. The story is inspired from an old Korean children song “Baby in Island”.  Many single working mothers have the same dilemma. They struggle to take care of Baby, while working to survive. The students arranged the story into a non-verbal performance with the use of Korean traditional mask dance and music.


adaptation and direction: Song Su Hyun
performers: Lee Hye Young, Kim Ji su
musicians: Kim Jun Su (musician trad Korean singer), Ha Hye Min (musician heageum)
stage and costume design: Ha Jae Hyun,
digital art and video: Song Bul Hui
light design: Kim Nuri

Seoul Institute of the Arts

Il Seoul Institute of the Arts è uno dei principali e più prestigiosi Conservatori d’arte in Asia, precursore nella globalizzazione dell’arte coreane e nella creazione di nuove forme d’arte. Viene presentata una produzione creata da un gruppo di studenti selezionati attraverso il programma di Global players. All’inizio del semestre gli studenti sono invitati a presentare una proposta per una performance non verbale, coniugando l’estetica coreana con musica dal vivo, uso di media e interattività. Il compito è quello di sperimentare nuove forme e contenuti per il teatro contemporaneo e proporre una performance interdisciplinare in grado di coinvolgere il pubblico indipendentemente dalla lingua e dal background culturale.

The Seoul Institute of the Arts is one of leading and most prestigious art conservatory in Asia, a forerunner in globalization of Korean Arts and in the creation of new forms of art. It will present a production created by a group of students selected through the Global Players. At the beginning of the semester students are requested to submit a proposal for a non verbal performance, combining Korean aesthetics with live music, media and interactive art. The task is to experiment new forms and contents for the contemporary theatre and to create an interdisciplinary performance that is able to engage audiences from different languages and cultural background.


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