Yoji Sakate



Yoji Sakate is a playwright and director who founded the Theatre company Rinkogun in 1983. He is the recipient of major Japanese theater awards such as the Kishida Kunio Drama Award, the Tsuruya Nanboku Drama Award, the Yomiuri Prize for Literature, the Kinokuniya Theatre Award, the Asahi Performing Arts Award and the Yomiuri Theater Award for Best Director for his works such as Yaneura (The Attic), Daruma-san ga Koronda and others. His plays have been translated, published and performed in over 10 languages. Yaneura (The Attic) was produced by The Play Company in NYC in 2007 and was also produced in France in 2010. 2010 also saw the production of Fighting Woman in Korea. His Blind Touch was performed as a reading in London this spring. Sakate is the president of the Japan Playwrights Association and also serves on the boards of the Japan Directors Association and the Japan Branch of the International Theatre Institute.


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