Chen Alon

Umb_ChenChen Alon

is a theatre activist, actor and director, who wrote his Ph.D. on the Palestinian-Israeli Polarized Model of Theatre of the Oppressed, in the Theatre Department at Tel-Aviv University. As a Major (res.) in the Israeli army he co-founded “Courage to Refuse”, a movement of officers and combatant soldiers who refuse to serve in the occupied Palestinian territories, an action for which he was sentenced to prison. Chen is also a co-founder of “Combatants for Peace”, a movement of Palestinian and Israeli combatants who have abandoned the way of violence and struggle together non-violently against the occupation. Activism in the complicated reality in Israel/Palestine led him as a professional actor and director, from the repertory theatre, to search and create new forms of political activism, in the Israeli-Palestinian theatre to resist the occupation.



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