Dr. Fadil Jaf


During five intensive days the participants will get acquainted with the basic theoretical elements of Meyerhold’s theatrical system in directing which includes stylization, theatricality, and the grotesque. The directing school is based on four elements: text and dramaturgy (episodes, units and montage), approach to the actor ( biomechanics), space and scenography (constructivism) and spectator ( the fourth creator).

We practice with body and plastika in space in order to understand how to build a mise-en-scène the way Meyerhold did. The elements of this are plastika and dynamic, expressive gestures, creating metaphors and creating forms. This is the main task of the director in the Meyerhold’s system. We work on one etude to understand movement as the basic element in Meyerhold’s system and will even acquaint the participants with some other etudes. To clarify all we have done during the five days workshop we will work with a few scenes to see how it all turns out in the actual directing process.


Dr Fadil Jaf is a theatre director, trainer, teacher of directing and movement, Dean of Fine arts college Salahaddin University in Erbil, Kurdistan, theatre researcher, adviser to The Ministry of Culture. Has directed Shakespeare, Strindberg, Mrozek, Koltes, Beckett etc.. Has conducted workshops in biomechanics, Meyerhold´s acting system and directing style in several drama schools in Sweden, Finland, Britain, Morocco, UAE, Iraq etc. Fluent in Arabic, Swedish, English, Kurdish and Russian. Ph. D. in St Petersburg, Russia and M.A. at London University, Goldsmiths College. Dissertation on Meyerhold´s acting system.


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